Engaging Employees with Internal Journalism

To inspire, motivate, and engage their employees, a Fortune 100 technology company approached Myplanet to envision and create a contemporary internal communications platform.

In 2013, Myplanet worked with a Fortune 100 technology company that employs over fifty thousand people worldwide in both corporate and retail divisions. The company’s HR and internal communications departments support a massive talent base of engineers, designers, operations, and business people, and effective communication is critical to employee engagement and support.

The Challenge

Myplanet was asked to envision and create a contemporary internal communications platform to inspire and motivate employees, strengthen the company brand internally, and ensure timely and accurate dissemination of key company information. Most importantly, the solution would need to build readership and engagement by facilitating compelling internal journalism.

The Strategy

Myplanet began by diving deep into the customer’s employee base, conducting phone interviews with employees around the world, in-person discussions in cafeterias and lounges, and user observation at key company sites. We learned that while the communications team sought an experience comparable to mainstream news websites, employees were not likely to forgo the utility of the platform: staff wanted more exposure to the company’s services and events, tools to support their routines, and insight into the experiences of their peers in other departments.

A theme of balance quickly became central to Myplanet’s work as we armed ourselves with a deep understanding of employees’ interests, work habits, and desires. In a mere 6 months following our initial research and prototyping, Myplanet crafted a Drupal-based content solution that integrated with Akamai CDN to ensure effective content delivery worldwide. The workplace product serves the priorities of the customer’s content team, the appetite of internal content seekers, and the needs of employees who simply need tools to help them do their jobs.

The Solution

Much like a news site, the platform treats content publishers to extensive publishing flexibility. The content team can schedule full-screen takeovers for headline stories, embed rich media, modify layout based on the needs of the day’s news, and target specific segments or geographics with relevant stories. But the platform also boasts a robust IA that reconciles a vast collection of information and stories from within the company’s ecosystem. And across desktop, tablet, and mobile, employees can customize tools that support their commute, healthy lifestyle, and connections with other employees.

Outcomes & Next Steps

Since the launch of the internal communications platform, the customer has localized content to well over 25 countries. Readership has improved dramatically, and it’s not uncommon to see the platform landing page up on employee screens across departments. But most importantly, the essence of the customer’s brand—and the engagement it drives—comes through crystal clear for employees around the globe. Working together, the customer and Myplanet have sought to evolve the platform, which continues to garner excellent internal reception.

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