Modular Digital Marketing for a Global IoT Platform

Cisco Jasper is a global IoT Connectivity Management Platform leader. Its Control Center solution enables 9000+ enterprise organizations to power over 40 million devices. Cisco Jasper asked Myplanet to help transform their digital customer experience.

The Challenge

In 2016, Cisco Jasper approached Myplanet to redesign and rebuild their web presence. Following Jasper’s acquisition by Cisco, the marketing team had developed a new vision to offer the best possible digital experience for customers and partners interested in IoT Connectivity Management. This included an imperative to improve their existing (and dated) demand generation capability.

Increasingly, Cisco Jasper saw the IoT as a catalyst for transforming business models, a nuanced view that suggested anyone from an auto manufacturer to a robotics company could shift from providing products to managing services. The new site would need to capture the essence of this perspective throughout the customer decision-making process by emphasizing customer-centric messaging, demos, and proof points.

The Strategy

Communicating a complex and novel marketing message online is no small task, especially in the business-to-business environment. To start, we explored the expectations of buyers looking for robust, proven global IoT platforms. We discovered that for both the technical buyer and business buyer, the customer journey was very long, and the existing site only captured the first steps of the process. What’s more, we learned that the value proposition of an IoT platform can be time-consuming for new, less-informed buyers to grasp.

Cisco Jasper’s product offering is fairly concrete, but their messaging and positioning were changing to meet the needs of an evolving set of customer segments and use cases. With these variables in mind, we focused heavily on a solution that would hardwire the brand essence and solution value proposition, but leave open as many opportunities as possible to experiment with and remix content including customer success stories, proof points, and messaging. This meant a full overhaul of Cisco Jasper’s digital presence, not merely a facelift.

The Solution

The new is a Drupal 8-based marketing platform with massive flexibility; no single page is written in stone. Instead, we delivered a collection of highly-customizable modules that empower marketers to sculpt a story and guide the customer down a path to conversion. Templates were designed and written at the component level, which means content managers with minimal technical know-how can remix entire pages without fear that any one module will seem out of place.

We also worked with Cisco Jasper’s design staff to understand and accommodate their constraints, producing a design system and visual language that could flex as marketing requests rolled in. The design elements capture the notion that the IoT is less about things, and more about offering connected services, all while channeling parent-brand Cisco’s core attributes and values.

Myplanet created a flexible new design system, produced elegant mobile solutions, and did everything in a very compressed timeline.

Eric Moriyama, Creative Director

Outcomes & Next Steps

Since its launch in February of 2017, the new has scored strong gains across key site metrics. Most critically, Cisco Jasper conducted follow-on customer experience research and found that 90% of website visitors were highly satisfied with the experience and content offered on the site. Moreover, lead generation has improved dramatically. Prior to the new launch, generated only 10% of demand. Three months on, the site generated 50% of all marketing demand. Page load times have been cut by ⅔, and the bounce rates have improved by almost 50% on a 7 fold higher web traffic base, a sign that content is more effectively targeted.

Cisco Jasper has some of the most interesting and compelling cases for the Internet of Things active in the field today. With a flexible marketing platform built on Drupal, the marketing team is poised to engage in more sophisticated digital marketing programs, from customer segmentation to predictive personalization. We’re looking forward to helping the team at Cisco Jasper test with their audience, validate new ideas, and drive even better business outcomes where employees are empowered to keep the customer front and center.

  • Lead generation+5x
  • Bounce Rate-50%

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