We build the right thing, fast.


Myplanet empowers organizations with UX design & technology solutions to support the delivery of great web-based products. We believe firmly in the power of user-centered design, open source, and agile principles.

We are relentless in uncovering user truth.

Building a successful, innovative web application that people actually want to use is hard—damn hard. When it comes to choosing what to build and how to build it, many enterprise teams rely on the wisdom and assumptions of business or IT. Left unvalidated, these “inside-out” assumptions can compound and lead to the wrong product. By adopting a user-centered, “outside-in” approach, we obsessively examine and test these assumptions in the real world to validate problems, solutions, and architecture.

Our user truth toolkit.

  • User-Centered Design: A disciplined and immersive approach to uncovering, prioritizing, and solving for actual user needs.
  • Lean Startup Approach: A lean framework to validate business assumptions and product hypotheses.

We’re obsessed with rapid product development.

To successfully launch and scale a product in a highly competitive and changing environment, getting to market quickly and with minimum waste is critical. The golden age of extensive upfront specification is over—if it ever was golden—and modern web product teams must be agile, iterative, and nimble. Our teams are performance-tuned to pivot efficiently when new business, customer, and technical constraints arise. We apply automation and a development operations approach that drastically reduce cycle time from code to deployment.

Our rapid product development toolkit.

  • Agile Team Structures: Cross-disciplinary teams that reduce inefficiencies and quickly adapt to changing business needs.
  • Streamlined Delivery: Development automation that improves product quality and drastically reduces cycle time from code to deployment.

We eagerly empower the enterprise.

Building great products is not enough—we thrive on the opportunity to empower. We believe that creating a product is an intimately collaborative and cross-disciplinary undertaking. We’ve worked with teams of all shapes and sizes in the enterprise space, and we understand their challenges. Through highly flexible engagement models, we enable, support, and enhance the teams we work with.

Our empowerment toolkit.

  • Flexible Engagement Models: Multiple ways of working with organizations at any stage of the product and service lifecycle. (Accelerator, Shoulder-to-Shoulder, Joint Venture )
  • Inclusive Collaboration: Direct and collaborative relationships that support better decision making.
  • Enablement: Capacity and capability-building that supports or enhances Enterprise teams.

We've empowered organizations of all shapes and sizes.

From web applications to commerce platforms, we’ve helped our clients envision, design, and build the right thing, fast. Want to hear more? Get in touch and we’ll be happy to share.