Inspire wonder. Inspire purpose.

We’re building next generation digital experiences and we want to work with people that share our passion.

Who are we?

Drawing from a range of talents and perspectives, Myplaneteers bring together domain expertise and innate curiosity to build next generation experiences. We’re passionate about doing work that has an impact on people’s lives beyond today— we want to pioneer the adaptive experiences that will define the future of digital experiences.

Our Values


We identify what must be done given finite time and resources. We are mindful of and minimize changing-priorities, splitting focus, and context-switching. We seek what is best for Myplanet and question initiatives inconsistent with our priorities.


We consistently raise the bar for our own conception of excellence. We engage in continuous reflection to improve ourselves and the work we produce.


We share our work and decisions within and outside Myplanet so that we can build upon our collective learning. We implement process to empower Myplaneteers, not to control them. We address failure and concerns with constructive intent.


Change is not a threat to us; it’s something we promote and embrace. We recognize structured experiments as a catalyst for learning and purposeful innovation. We start early and provide time to foster the necessary learning an organization will need to evolve.


We use empathy to better understand others, their perspectives and their emotions. We aim to know one another as people and not just co-workers. We recognize that communication is a two-way tool. We practice mindful communication.

Our Culture

Designers, technologists, product strategists, employee enablers, resident canines… we’re a varied and fun bunch. Here’s how we describe our culture:

Join Our Awesome Team

Bakers, hockey fans, gamers, parents, musicians... We’re not all the same, but we all have the same passion for doing great work. If that sounds like you, apply to join our team today.

Benefits & Perks

Heritage Building, Modern Amenities

A great environment can make a big difference to a work day, and our Toronto HQ is pretty great. Standing desks, an open-plan workspace, dedicated quiet zones, a popcorn machine— it’s all just the tip of the iceberg in the beautiful heritage building we get to call our office.

International Connections

With a roster of Fortune 500 customers and clients from around the world, having a robust, distributed team just makes sense. If you’ve got the passion for the work and the skills to get it done well, we’ve got the setup to make it happen from pretty much anywhere.

Choose Your Workspace

With a generous work from home plan, you can flex your work style to suit your life and determine what works best for you. Team core hours and remote hangout options in every meeting room keep us all on the same page, even when we’re not all in the same office.

Employee Ownership

Our Employee Stock Option Plan is available to every team member. We believe when you work hard to contribute to the company’s success it should be a contribution to your own success, too.

Dedicated Awesome Time

A chance for you to grow your skills and pursue what you’re passionate about, Awesome Time is just one way we support independent work. It’s an annual allotment of days you can use to contribute to an open source initiative, professional community, or registered Canadian charity.

Mindfulness & Meditation

Sharpen your interpersonal skills with Mindfulness learning sessions led by industry expert Michael Apollo, or just take a brief pause to clear your mind at our twice-weekly meditation sessions whenever it suits you.

Personalized Skills Growth

Quarterly individual training budgets, bi-weekly professional development sessions, and a choose-your-own-adventure career growth plan means you’re in control of what skills you hone and what direction you take your career.

Beyond Basic Coverage

On top of standard medical and dental coverage, we offer benefits like a parental leave top-up plan and a minimum vacation policy. Plus, we’re constantly evolving our benefits to better meet the needs of our diverse team.

Incredible Teammates

We might be biased, but we truly think the best perk of working at Myplanet is the great people you’ll be working with. We’re passionate about what we do and if you’re passionate too, we’d love to work with you.

Community Involvement

Our passion extends beyond our projects. From hosting and attending meetups, hackathons, and conferences, to running the Myplanet Fellowship, to being a B Corp for over 8 years, we’re committed to fostering a community that cares about making everyday experiences more enjoyable.

Current Openings