Search-and-find, optimized.

We deliver tailored content fast with Algolia’s powerful discovery capabilities.

Myplanet’s partnership with Algolia brings industry leading search-and-find expertise to your digital experiences, surfacing the content your customers want quickly and easily. Together, we combine Algolia’s powerful discovery tools with Myplanet’s 10+ years of user-focused experience creation.

Powerful Discovery with Algolia

  • Personalized Shopping

    Personalized site search creates a more intuitive shopping experience, serving customers the items they want.

  • Content Surfacing

    Highlight timely, relevant content that engages your customers and drives user satisfaction.

  • Custom Experiences

    Craft the bespoke search experience to best suit your business needs with flexible APIs.

  • Scalable Searchy

    Globally-supported infrastructure ensures consistent experiences for every user, no matter where they access your digital properties.


Discovery to Support Sales

With a full suite of APIs and a robust search-as-a-service offering, Algolia brings optimized, customizable search and discovery experiences to any business. Surface the content your customers want quickly and easily with scalable, enterprise-ready search capabilities that drive user engagement.