Alexa for Business

Enterprise-ready distribution of Alexa skills.

We bring private Alexa skill building to your workforce for better employee experiences as one of a handful of Alexa for Business partners.

Myplanet is one of the few software firms with experience in the Alexa for Business offering. Secure, compliant, and private, Alexa for Business allows you to use and scale Alexa skills in a workplace setting. Empower your organization with intelligent, voice-aware tools.

The Intelligence of Alexa in the Workplace

Ready to Scale

Start with a pilot deployment, then scale throughout your enterprise on the same platform.

Official Amazon Partner

Work with one of a handful of software firms endorsed by Amazon’s Alexa for Business consultancy.

Virtual Agents

Go beyond individual user intents to craft ongoing dialog and personalities for virtual agents that represent your brand.

Complement Current Apps

Create seamless interaction between existing web and mobile apps and your virtual agent.


Workplace Conversation

Alexa for Business brings the latest in Amazon’s robust conversational interface portfolio, including private Alexa skills, to an enterprise-ready distribution. With Alexa for Business, you can empower your organization with intuitive, personalized experiences. Bring intelligent, custom solutions to your teams.