Unify your customer data.

Empower every team in your company with a single view of the customer informed by web & mobile data.

Myplanet and Segment bring the power of unified customer data to your entire team. Combining Myplanet’s expertise in research-backed experience creation with Segment’s leading customer data platform, we deliver custom commerce experiences that exceed consumer expectations and drive meaningful business outcomes.

Activate Your Customer Data

Data Foundations

Collect, clean, and activate your data with the software and APIs you need to build your ultimate data pipeline.

Cross-functional Collaboration

Break down silos with a complete data toolkit that every team—from marketing to product to engineering—can use to make better business decisions.

Integrated Tools

Built to enable every team to succeed, Segment works seamlessly with the tools and stacks each department needs to connect to most.

Custom Functions

Build any integration with just ten lines of JavaScript, no additional infrastructure required.


Customer data done right

Data is a key ingredient in the long-term success of your commerce business. Streamline your data capture process, deliver clean, clear information to your teams, and harness data-powered insights to drive meaningful business outcomes for your brands with flexibility and custom controls built-in.