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Partnerships with Impact

Personalization strategies, enhanced search functions, cognitive solutions, and so much more. Our partnerships take your business further.

  • Search-and-find, optimized.

    Search is the new black. Myplanet & Algolia partner to deliver best-in-class search for your digital experiences.

  • Data-informed customer experiences.

    Connect your customer data to create the best customer experiences. Zendesk Sunshine and Myplanet partner to bring you an open and flexible CRM platform native to AWS.

  • Headless commerce solutions.

    Bring agility to your business with Myplanet and commercetools. Together we create headless solutions for a versatile approach to new business models.

Our Clients

Organizations with the power to change the world. If you’re in that camp, we’d love to chat.

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Articles, Tools, and Events

We’re challenging established theories, testing the latest technologies, and pushing new ideas forward as we work to shape how organizations use technology.

Recent Articles


A Mix-and-Match Ideation Tool

Test out novel combinations to help bring new ideas to light. Shuffle, surface, explore — give it a try now.


Myplanet’s AI UI Pattern Library

A UI pattern library for designers and teams to help establish best practice in AI implementations.


“Ok Google, I’m Feeling Down”

Are voice assistants capable of responding to emotional cues? And how will this impact the way we use them over time?


Facilitate Q&A Sessions Remotely

An open-source question-and-answer tool to help distributed teams communicate, collaborate, and connect.


Machine Learning & Web Accessibility

Looking at the current state of accessibility on the web and how machine learning could help make a more accessible web for all.


Rethinking Financial Services with Google Assistant

A reference design of a voice-first solution for consumers who don’t want bank accounts, from the Myplanet Ventures team.